A Brief Introduction to Water Vapor Cigarette

People wanted something new to the age old fashion of smoking a cigarette, an alternative to cigarette to be in precise the Water Vapor Cigarette. Perhaps this prompted Herbert A Gilbert to obtain patent for his concept of electronic cigarette. However, it was Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist who invented the present version of electronic cigarette in the year 2003 and patented it in 2007. From then on, the electronic cigarette has become popular by whims and bounds.

Water Vapor Cigarette

What is New in Water Vapor Cigarette?

In short it can be said, Water Vapor Cigarette has redefined the very concept of smoking. The fundamental change is that it has done away with the smoke emanating from a cigarette and it is this smoke which is damaging the very existence of tobacco cigarette.  The smoker of e-cigar instead of exhaling the smoke of tobacco now exhales h20 vapor. Some even say when you ‘switch on’ this device, you are not smoking but only drawing a flavor, enjoying it  and putting it out. Instead of using a lighter to ignite, you use a ‘switch’ to inhale the flavor. Instead of exhaling the smell of tobacco, you exhale the pleasant flavor to the atmosphere.

Know your Water Vapor Cigarette

Remember, when you hold the Water Vapor Cigarette in your hand, you are holding an electronic device which is made up of a vaporizer (Atomizer), a battery, cartridge containing flavor, and a filament producing red light when you inhale. When you switch on, the cartridge gets heated and the flavor and the vaporizer become active and you inhale the flavor. The cartridge contains the flavor drawn from vegetables like potato or from spices like pepper, some fruits etc. The cartridge is available with nicotine drawn from these organic materials so that you enjoy the taste of a real cigarette. If you want taste something different, then choose a cartridge which does not contain the organic Nicotine. This option is never available in the cigarette containing tobacco leaves. When you want to stop smoking just ‘switch off’ the e-cigar.

Now Mark the Score of Water Vapor Cigarette

The advantages or improvements of Water Vapor Cigarette over the tobacco cigarette are obvious. At the outset, you do not light the e-cigar, you just switch on. There is no smoke, so puff wherever you like; ‘no smoking zone’ is of no concern for you. E-cigar will never burn, so it does not produce any ash and there is no chance of staining the cloth. At the same time, there is no chance of burning the hands or cloth of those near you which normally happens inadvertently in conventional cigarette. You can take more puffs of e-cigar because it is economical compared to its counterpart.  All that you have to do is to recharge the battery to ignite your e-cigar and that allows you several hours of puffing. E-cigar is undergoing many innovations and it is becoming popular day by day. Going by the present trend, many are of the opinion Water Vapor Cigarette will dominate the market in the near future.

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