Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Cigs

Many people have turned to using electronic cigarettes for a variety of reasons. E-cigs for one are used in more locations than regular tobacco products. There are also safety issues pertaining to the use of these new smoking devices.

In any case, a more detailed depiction of the advantages and disadvantages of using e-cigs are presented in the next two sections. This will help you decide whether this is the way to go if you use regular cigarettes right now.


Electronic cigarettes are safer that regular cigarettes in that they do not cause fires. The vaporized “smoke” is also cleaner because it does not have substances such as tar or carbon monoxide in it.

An additional advantage is this: an e-cig provides users with yet another way to kick the smoking habit. The vaporized nicotine solution is said to be less harmful than traditional tobacco smoke.

Usually more flavors are available when using e-cigs than when using traditional tobacco smoke. For instance, they come in mint, lemon, cherry, vanilla and other popular tastes. Chocolate seems to be one that is preferred as well, and of course there is also flavors that mimic popular cigarette brands.

Another major advantage of using electronic smoking devices is the convenience of using them. They are reusable and rechargeable. They take up less room in the event you want to just take one e-cig along on a weekend trip as it is the equivalent of almost a half a pack of cigarettes.

One other nice aspect of using an e-cig is the fact that they taste and smell better. No one around you will gag or cough and you are less likely to gag or cough yourself.

One of the biggest advantages of all to those die-hard nicotine users is that they can take them on the premises of places where smoke is normally not allowed. For instance, numerous locations such as malls, smoke-free airports, restaurants, bars, or job sites may allow them.

pros and cons of e cigarettes


There probably are not nearly as many disadvantages to e-cigs as regular cigarettes. However, there are a few. For one, there is the concern of nicotine poisoning that comes from inhaling too much of the flavored vaporized smoke.

Users have to remember that an electronic smoking device has about 10 to 15 times more nicotine in it than a regular cigarette. Therefore, it would take a lot longer to smoke one of these than it would to smoke a regular cigarette. Another small disadvantage may be the higher cost, except that they are reusable.

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