Disposable E Cigarettes – An Ideal Choice for the Starters

If you are a newbie in the world of e cigs and are about to choose your first vaping device, a disposable e cig is precisely what you need. There have been several tobacco smokers who felt like buying a starter kit in the first go but could not do so due to fear of high investments in the form of purchase and refills. After all, no first time customer would be ready to invest considerably until she or he is certain that the product is right for them. This was the reason why disposable e cigs were introduced in the vaping market. Such an e cig is the highly affordable and that it is a good choice for taking a decision whether a switch to the smokeless cigarettes is suitable or not.

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Why Choose Disposable E Cigarettes

As the name suggests, a disposable e cig is a kind of smokeless cigarette, which can be disposed off after use. So, this version is very much similar to a regular tobacco cigarette that you discard after use. According to several disposable e cigarette reviews, there are a few reasons to choose such an e cig as against the starter kits.

  • Great Testing Medium: If you are thinking to vape for the first time, it is obvious that you need to know how an e cig works and what experience it delivers. But the fact is that most e cigs are available through starter kits that seem very complex with accessories for the first time, especially when you do not know whether this new smokeless smoking alternative will be suitable for you or not. Therefore, it is better to try vaping a simple, use-and-throw e cig device that you can test for its suitability factor. So, in case you feel that an electronic cigarette is not suitable for your body, you at least do not have to repent for investing in a now useless kit.
  • Affordable First Time Try: A disposable e cig typically is meant for only one-time usage, but it lasts as long as two traditional packs and cost less than those packs. Furthermore, they are much cheaper than those pricey starter kits as well. This is because there is no cartridge refilling or battery replacing cost involved, as the device is simply disposable.
  • Comfortable Experience: A disposable e cig from a quality brand ensures you the same experience as you would get from an e cig of a starter kit. The only difference will be that there will be no need of charging the device or replacing or refilling the cartridges. What’s more to it is that you need to only open the pack and start vaping without worrying about refilling or recharging. Once vaping is over, you just have to discard it.

Which Brands to Consider

So, now are you convinced to buy such an e cig? In that case, consider one of the listed below brands for purchase, as they are considered the top ones at present, in the market.

  • [WPMSHOT key=”V2 Cigs” url=”http://digitaljournal.com/pr/1710728″]: Regarded one of the most esteemed brands of smokeless cigarettes in the market, V2 has a special place in the minds of vapers. Just recently it has started to offer a disposable e cig – a piece that is truly matchless! This e cig is available in two most sensational flavors such as tobacco and menthol, and that it also offers two nicotine strength options namely, light and full; both the features together delivering a rare to find disposable cigarette. Available in a pack of 3, 5, 10, and 20, a disposable device will demand approximately 7 to 8 dollars as per the quantity you choose. From each unit, you can expect nearly 350-450 puffs, which is enough for testing the suitability of an e cig. In short, you will be able to vape for a long duration for a really low price.
  • Green Smoke: This is another celebrated brand in the industry, which also offers disposable smokeless cigs in full tobacco or menthol flavor and with the nicotine strength of only 1.8%. Offered only through a pack of 6, the individual price of each device is below $10. You can instantly enjoy its high smoke volume that is equivalent to the smoke of 1.5 packs of tobacco cigs. And yes, you also get to enjoy free shipping.
  • Premium E-Cigarette: Choose this brand if you are truly looking for a single device in hand instead of a collective pack. One more unique aspect of this brand’s disposable e cig is that it can deliver 600 puffs, which is equal to three tobacco packs. Further, such an e cig is available for less than ten dollars, and that you can choose from a variety of rich flavors – Tobacco, menthol, vanilla, coffee, strawberry, blueberry, cherry, and grape.

According to several disposable e cigarette reviews, V2 is right now leading the race, especially because of its extreme nicotine level options of full and light. These options make it easier to take a right decision for making the switch.

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