Distinctive starter kits, rainbow range of flavors and the Vapor4Life Discount Codes makes Vapor4Life e-cigarettes viable!

Electronic cigarettes from the brand of Vapor4Life have found phenomenal success in its sales and this has been made popular with Vapor4Life Discount codes. Vapor4Life is highly respected in the market of electronic cigarettes because it has been into the market quite a long time. Their sale of e-cifggeretes occurs through two processes; via the online store as well as through its on-ground store i.e. Smokeless Lounge & Store situated at

Distinctive starter kits

Northbrook, Illinois. It is the best alternative for traditional smoking as it provides a unique experience of smoking through hand to mouth sensation. Its battery operated device vaporizes a liquid flavoring solution to impart with the smoking sensation. The best thing about Vapor4Life is that it has in store the world’s biggest selection of flavors that any electronic cigarette brand can ever have. There are almost 150 flavors to choose from.

Choosing a Vapor4Life starter kit:

Vapor4Life offers over eight different types of starter kits that can suit the preferences of their customer as well as their budget. However, every starter kit has sufficient accessories to help start vapping or vapor smoking immediately. The ultimate and Ultimate Ultimatum Kits however has other options of smoking in a different style. Some of its starter kits are:

  • Mini PCC Kit with one battery, charger, 5 cartomizers and a potable charging case
  • Ultimate starter kit with two batteries, one USB charger, one pass-through charger and one wall charger, 5 cartomizers and a carrying case
  • The Ultimate Ultimatum Kit contains two batteries manual or automatic chosen by the user, three types of charger, 5 cartomizers, one carrying case and one charging case.
  • With the Ultimate Kit vaping is possible almost every time. It is best suited for individuals who are always at a go and has no time left to charge the device and use it. It is the most widely sold e-cigarette from Vapor4Life
  • The Ultimate Kit is next to the Ultimate ultimatum. It can be used through the entire day before it required to be charged. People who sit by power sources like computer or a switch board can choose this unthinkingly
  • The Value kit is the cheapest of all starter kits. Yet it requires the battery to be charged and used as it has only one wall charger
  • The mini PCC kit is an entry level device that enables vapping without much outlay. Smokers who just want to give Vapor4Life Cigarettes a try before making any commitments should try this kit

Utility of different starter kit:

Vapor4Life has brought significant changes in one’s life with its products. Smokers who were treated as out-casts because of their irritable habit can now enjoy the bliss of socializing with Vapor4Life e-cigarettes. It is a reliable brand and has attained rewarding feedbacks from their satisfied customers.

To help their customers to make economic buys, Vapor4Life has started with its Vapor4Life discount codes. As discount codes are affluent on the web world so does Vapor4Life discount codes help in attaining cheaper rates on the sale price. The characters that the Vapor4Life Discount codes encode are the key characters to receive discount.

When it comes to high performance and multiple flavors, Vapor4Life is to go for and Vapor4Life discount codes make it all the more easier.

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