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This site carefully scrutinizes the best E-Cigarette Brands on the market, then makes sure you see at least 10 of them every time you stop in for a visit. We’re always testing, so only the absolute best e-cigarette brand is but a click away. There are lots of review sites out there that do nothing but push sales links on visitors: We bring you free step by step: videos, tutorials, info articles, industry news… and we hand out savings coupons like gang busters!


I think that most of you will agree that “change” is often one of the most beneficial things that can happen in our life – whether good or bad, change has a way of making good things happen for all of us. The toughest part of quitting tobacco is usally rooted in resistance to change – you’ve smoked for a long time and it’s hard to let go. What if you could keep getting nicotine, using the same hand-to-mouth motion you’ve always used, along with the texture and feeling of smoke going into your lungs? We show you smokeless cigarette brands that mimic smoking so well, all you’ll notice is that ecigs taste better!

No compromise!


When we review and rate various electronic cigarette brands, we use real people to test them. You want the hard facts about how these top smokeless cigarette brands measure up to others and what sets them apart from their competition. Some reviews may be submitted by users like you and the rest are completed by our expert staff. We won’t “candy coat” any reviews that you find while browsing: Some e-cigarette brands just don’t make our list, while other electronic cigarette brands may stay right at the top of our list of recommended companies indefinitely.


Quality Assurance


Quality can vary in a marketplace that offers thousands of different companies, offering multiple products at any onetime. Some of these companies have been developing their brand name for the last 6 or 7 years (when ecigs started being made widely available to the public) making for some of the best e-cigarette companies on the market today. New manufacturers are constantly emerging and the good ones learn from the mistakes of their predecessors and work hard with customers to give them what they want.


Quality is what we’re all looking for and the crappy electronic cigarette brands will quickly find their way to the junk pile! Some of you are looking for clean taste, or you might want a model that has all the good stuff and a battery that lasts long so you don’t have to worry about charging it often… Perhaps you want something that can be charged anywhere (home, car, laptop.) You can rest assured that we ask all the important questions if someone submits a reviews stating that “brand X” is the best e cigarette brand on the market!


Relevant Videos, Tutorials, Q&A, and More…


Our website offers tons of media that will be relevant to hardcore experts and newbies. We can’t recommend the best electronic brands available without giving you some of the very best tutorials, videos and news related to “vaping” can we? A lot of visitors use our free materials to make their buying decisions, while others use us to find answers to questions like: what’s new in ecig development, electronic cigarette prices, who’s the best e cigarette company to choose for the best flavors, what are the most important features to look at to find the best electronic cigarette for you, etc.

Why do you want to try “vaping”


“Vaping” is just a slang term used to replace the word “smoking” among us folks who use ecigarettes. Calling what we do “smoking” doesn’t really make sense when you understand how it works. The cartridge in an electronic cigarette contains a liquid nicotine solution which is heated and turned into a vapor by the cartomizer when you take a haul of your ecig, then the cartridge allows the nicotine vapor to pass through it into your lungs. With so many electronic cigarette brands on the market, the technonogy involved is always improving and has reached a point where “vaping” is perfect replacement for gross tobacco cigarettes.


Tobacco Comes With Health Risks


Now that you understand how electronic cigarette brands satisfy your craving, let’s look at the facts regarding the health risks associated with smoking vs. “vaping.” When you smoke tobacco you’re inhaling 500 dangerous chemicals including: Carbon Dioxide, Formaldehyde, Methanol, and Tar (smoke 20 tobacco cigarettes a day and you’ve inhaled a full cup of tar in a year!) – this is just a few of them to get you thinking.


Health Risks Associated With Smoking Popular Electronic Cigarette Brands


The truth is that nobody knows, or at least we don’t know yet. In the above paragraph, you’ll notice we didn’t even mention nicotine in the short list of dangerous ingredients found in tobacco… this is because there isn’t any proven studies that suggest nicotine is any more dangerous than caffeine. An ecigarette contains a harmless liquid mist and nicotine – that’s all! Overuse of nicotine probably isn’t a good thing, but that’s true of any over the counter stimulants.

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This website exists to help bring people on board and get you away from smoking tobacco, while also giving you a trusted place to come for knowledge. Without customers to read our reviews, browse through our reference materials, and continue to purchase recommended electronic cigarette brands… we wouldn’t have any reason to be here. Lots of expert knowledge has went into putting all you see together in a concise, easy-to-read format; so please take the time to learn all you can and don’t hesitate to contact us if you see something that’s missing, or could be improved. Also let us know if you’ve heard of any electronic cigarette brands you think are worthy of a review and aren’t posted here yet.