Health or Wealth? Both.

It is no more “early to bed and early to rise” that “makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” When there are so many pubs and so many clubs, who can think of sleeping early? And waking early is a compulsion that we comply with grudgingly. But health and wealth are still interconnected. It is only good health that can give you the energy to work hard and get wealthy. And you need to be wise enough to choose the alternative that will give you both health and wealth.

Smoking cigarette is one of the biggest threats to a healthy life. I think there will be some who will think condescendingly that they have been smoking for years and yet been living a great life. Is it really so? You may be having a great immunity power, but is everyone around you having the same immunity strength as well? it is seen in  a survey that though smokers get somewhat immune to the smoke, the passive smokers suffer undeservedly.

Electronic cigarettes are not gaining the popularity without any real base for its merit. When celebrities like Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio use ecigs, it cannot be for nothing.

The nicotine content of ecig being flexible to the user’s regulation helps the user to choose whether he wants low, medium or high quantity of nicotine.

So with e cigs we get the health. But what about wealth?

That has been taken care of as well. the initial investment in ecig may seem somewhat high, but once you have the basic items with you, you need not buy them every time you refill the cartridge. It’s like you buy a car, which means some good amount of money. But every time when you buy gas to reuse it, you save the money and time that you had to let go of before you got it. The same is with ecig. you buy the basics and keep on enjoying the pleasure without worrying about your health.


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