Healthy E-Cigarettes – Could This Be?

It was Lord Buddha who said that “health is the greatest gift”. Those of us who are suffering from a failing health know this as true. We not care for our health when we have time, when we should. But as we approach the last limit, we tend to realize the value of a healthy body. It is not just healthy body which matters. A healthy mind is also very responsible to keep a person in a healthy state of being.

Health Comes First

Smoking cigarette is one habit which has turned into addiction for many. And it becomes tough for those who want to quit and cannot. Electronic cigarette is a great option to turn the table. It gives you the opportunity to correct the mistake you have been making by inhaling loads of tobacco every day. Think healthy if you care for yourself and your near and dear ones.

So, why is it that electronic cigarettes are deemed healthy by scientists from all over the world?

The total absence of tobacco in electronic cigarette results in a drastic fall of danger level compared to ordinary cigarette. Moreover, the nicotine in ecigs is dissolved in water. This means that when you inhale it, you do not get the direct nicotine, unlike tobacco cigarette.

The health of the people around whom you smoke should be kept in mind as well. passive smokers suffer from diseases like brain tumor, tuberculosis, asthma and chronic infections of throat, nose etc.

The vapor of ecig has no tobacco and no smell of tobacco as well. Hence, the passive smokers are safe when it comes to their health.

That health is not the only concern in such days of economic crisis as these is understood. Electronic cigarette is light on the budget as well. While a packet of ordinary cigarette will cost you approximately $5, a cartridge of ecig that is equivalent to one tobacco cigarette packet in usage will cost you something around $3. So, you save up to $700 per year if you are a heavy smoker. For light smokers, the profit is similar.

With nuclear families all around us, it is difficult to take care of yourself and continue to work if you remain ill all the time. According to surveys, tobacco smokers have a lower level of immunity than non-smokers. With electronic cigarette, even a cigarette smoker can now have the health of a non-smoker.

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