Blu Cigs Review


“Blu Cigs” – A user review.

Blu Cigs has quickly come into prominence in the young but growing market of electronic cigarettes. We will discuss those features which set it apart shortly, and attempt to examine the company’s own claims to the status of #1 brand of e-cigarettes on the market.

To those of you who are smokers but may be new to electronic cigarettes these innovative devices do deliver nicotine in a satisfying manner while eliminating the undesirable attributes of traditional tobacco cigarettes, namely the presence of tar and chemicals in cigarette filters, tobacco, and cigarette papers.

The experience of using an electronic cigarette, called vaping – because water vapor is the means of delivering the nicotine solution essential to the experience – is an experience that comes strikingly close to the “real thing”.

When one considers the technical requirements of vaping it might seem that a device capable of this process would need to be rather large, and perhaps in the past this was true. What makes now the right time for e-cigarettes is the fact that the technology can now be sized appropriately. Today’s e-cigarettes, like Blu Cigs are small enough to feel like the real thing.

Over time switching to electronic cigarettes will cost less. They last a long time and are easy to use.

Another advantage of electronic cigarettes that have positioned them for success in today’s market place is the social forces that have made traditional tobacco smoking less desirable. Smoking e-cigarettes is an acceptable alternative for restaurants or airplanes.

Blu Cigs does a good job of presenting these advantages, so let’s review their product in detail.

When you buy the Blu Cigs Premium Starter Kit, you will receive,

blu11 New Blu Premium pack with Social Features

2 Blu batteries

1 Blu wall charger

1 Blu USB charger

1 five-pack of cartridges, your choice of strength and flavor


The Basics

When you unbox your starter kit you are likely to be impressed by the design of Blu’s charging pack. They have designed an attractive and inviting device that allows you to charge your e-cigarettes right in the charger pack. This design cuts down on misplaced Blu Cig e-cigarettes, a problem that occurs often with other e-cigarettes. After you see the charger you will likely discover the social feature offered in the premium starter kit which allows Blu Cig units to detect and communicate, resulting in a “beep” to let you know another Blu Cig user is close at hand.

Appearance and other features

In terms of appearance, Blu Cigs are small, just as advertised. This can happen because the device consists only of its battery, the atomizer (the technology which does the vaporizing of the solution being used) and the cartridge which contains your solution of choice.  Blu Cigs are available in either black or white, and always light-up with a distinctive blue light which gives the product its name. This light gives the product its distinct look and provides the added benefit of making it immediately apparent that you are not smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette. This may be Blu Cig’s best feature in that it will reduce the hassle of people coming up to you and asking you to stop smoking.

Beyond appearance the Blu Cig brings great functionality in its battery life. The charger can go four to six days between a charge, and each Blu Cig should last you up to a full day, depending on your level of use. If you need more than one a day this is no problem because you just put the spent Blu Cig in its pack and it charges right from there! Just grab a charged Blu Cig and you are good to go. Do not take this for granted, because the charging is more of a pain with other brands.

Taking a drag

Blu Cigs offer outstanding flavor you will enjoy. An important point to take note of is that Blu Cigs are sensitive, very sensitive. This means when you take a drag you will not need to pull very hard as only a slight inhalation delivers a nice amount of vapor, nicotine, and flavor. This will take some getting used to, but once you have tasted a Blu Cig and felt it strongly on your throat, I will bet you will not be switching back to another brand.

One Tip

Some users have registered a complaint that you may encounter when using Blu Cigs that is that you may notice you are not getting the full contents of a cartridge. If you notice this is happening it is because the atomizer has improperly penetrated the foil the separates it from the cartridge. This can result in some of the liquid seeping out of the cartridge rather than being vaporized. You can prevent this from happening in the way you push together the battery and cartridge. Shut the battery, it is okay to use a little force, just be careful, and give the battery component a few gentle twists, like on a stubborn pen cap. This should give you a clean push through the foil layer and solve the problem of the incomplete cartridge.

Wrapping up

Whether you are new to electronic cigarettes or you are a long time electronic smoker, Blu Cigs is well worth your consideration.  The functional and attractive charging case is the perfect solution to your needs and will keep you in constant supply of power. Blu Cigs is an especially great product for heavy smokers because it cuts down on the constant charging that is typical of other brands of electronic cigarettes.


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