Joye Ego-Tank Review


Review of the Joye Ego-Tank

Joyetech’s most recent addition to the e-cigarette market is the Joye EGO-T (also known as the Ego Tank”). Unlike other models, the EGO-Tank uses plastic containers called “tanks”, which are filled with the appropriate E-Liquid and then attached to the atomizer. This is a very interesting departure from the technology of other e-cigarettes, which rely on poly fill or fiber fill cartridges.

The EGO-T is a major step forward for Joyetech’s e-Cigarettes

Many e-cigarette companies have been putting out new merchandise with very slight changes which are, ultimately, useless. It’s not often that I see real, significant changes in the way these products are made or used, and given my interest in electronic smoking, I don’t care for minor cosmetic changes – what I want is an advancement that ups the performance of the items I’m buying. Low-quality e-cigarettes make up a good portion of the market, so I was eager to try Joye’s EGO-Tanks (which are sometimes referred to as “Tankomizers”).

My review of Joyetech’s New EGO-Tank E-Cigarettes

510cartomizer-300x216I’ve noticed that more often than not, all these “technological advancements” are coming from the same parent company. Joyetech has put out many e-smoking products over the past few years, including the Joye 510 (which I loved) and the matching Mega Joye 510 battery packs. These batteries have since been adapted into other e-cigarettes’ designs. The manual batteries for both the DSE901 and KR808D e-cigs are prime examples of this, so it would appear that Joyetech knows what they’re doing.

Since the inception of the Joye EGO, the technology this company utilizes has been steadily improving, from extended battery life to numerous options for atomizers and mega batteries. Also notable is the backwards compatibility with the 510 model, which makes Joyetech products much more accessible to old and new e-cigarette “vapers” alike.

The Ego system is likely to rise above the Joye 510 in terms of popularity among thousands of people worldwide.

One notable feature of the Joye Ego-T is the new “tank” system, which is more than on par with both cartomizers and LR atomizers as far as productivity goes – it surpasses them completely. This, in combination with the backwards compatibility of the Joyetech brand, makes the Ego my preferred type of electronic cigarette.

Joyetech makes a name for itself by continuing its legacy of flexible, cross compatible products with the Ego-T.

I own more e cigarettes than is entirely necessary; the collection has accrued over years of trying and reviewing different products, and as such, I’ve been watching the technology of e cigs improve since they were first introduced. From the Joyetech brand alone, I own several Ego batteries (in Regular as well as Mega), drip tips, Mega and Regular versions of the Ego atomizers, and the Ego PCC, which is the Ego’s own portable charging case. On top of that, I own at least one of every other item this company has produced since making its appearance about one year ago. The Ego-T still stands head and shoulders above the rest, not only due to its backwards compatibility and ease of use, but because this new technology significantly improves the experience of vaping in general.

I must say, though, that I really appreciate having the flexibility to use the new Ego-T “Tankomizer” line with any other Joyetech product. It’s a really nice touch and I suspect this is a fact that has earned the brand many loyal customers. The original version of the Joye Ego was usable with components of the Joye 510, and the same holds true with this addition as well.

The most important thing about the Joye Ego-T, though, is its new tankomizer system which has improved on the functionality of previous atomizers.

So many of the three component e cigarette users are getting tired of being required to frequently refill their Joye Ego or Joye 510 cartridges, and the life span of these cartridges can be disappointing. I have personally experienced burnt or melted edges on my own cartridges, as well as some sort of charred filler which undoubtedly affected some odd tasting vapors. The Ego-T solves this problem, thankfully.

Before the introduction of the Ego-T, however, the most widely known solution was to “drip” e liquid onto the atomizer itself. While I find that this does improve the experience and flavor of my e cigarettes overall, it is also incredibly time consuming and impractical, not to mention downright difficult. If you have shaky hands, you will likely end up making a mess, as it can be tough to aim the e liquid directly into the drip tips. If the fluid hasn’t been sufficiently heated before use, odds are that the liquid will get into your mouth, which is very unpleasant.

If you were to trade the cartridge and atomizer in for a new “cartomizer”, this would also eliminate the issue of short-lived cartridges. However, this was not an option for every vaper, as this was only a viable alternative if you were willing to use special adapters to fit the KR808D cartomizers onto the Joye Ego or 510 atomizers (and it was often a pain to get the threads to match up, as well). Joyetech, as well as many third party manufacturers, soon caught on and began to sell cartomizers that were designed to work without an adapter, and this did fix the problem as far as frequent refills goes, it also forced vapers everywhere to discard their dedicated atomizers. This was a shame because those atomizers (like the Joye 510 LR Low Resistance Atomizer, for example) were generally superior in every way to the newer options. The filler material was a persistent issue even with these new designs, and still did not allow the quality vaping experience achieved by dripping.

The new Joye Ego-T Tankomizer system is the best of both worlds, combining the best elements from each method and eliminating these common problems.

These Ego-T atomizers now have an optimized Tank cartridge. The batteries now have a feature that protects the manual button from being activated unintentionally, and the capacity remains the same as previous models for both of the Joye Ego-T battery sizes.  Every component of this e cigarette has been revamped and improved upon, but none of the changes are so significant that experienced vapers will be confused or have to adapt to new ways of using the product, which is a plus in my book.

The new Tankomizer, sometimes shortened to “Tank”, is unlike anything I’ve seen before. The tank is a transparent plastic cylinder capable of holding just over 1 mL of e liquid, which is a bit more than current cartomizers can handle. It is also possible to re-use tanks, and they are very simple to refill; there is a cap at the end of the cylinder that is easily removed. The Joye Ego-T atomizers will puncture the very tip of the tankomizer, allowing the e liquid to steadly drip onto the atomizer’s heating coil, thus bypassing the issue of build-up in the tanks, as well as eliminating the problem of getting e liquid in your mouth due to insufficient heating.

Initially I was unhappy that there was no low resistance atomizer for the Joye Ego-T, but that complaint has since been resolved.

When the Joye Ego-T was first released, my only complaint was that the company did not make a low resistance option available for this new atomizer, but now there are new Ego-T LR atomizers available for purchase. As expected, they allow the user to experience a richer vapor. While I expect that the default Ego-T atomizer is more than enough to meet the needs of the average vaper, heavier vapers like myself will likely prefer the LR Ego-T atomizer, and should think about buying at least one.

My overall impression of the Joye Ego-T is that this new Tankomizer system blows previous models out of the water.

I am honestly enamored with this new Joyetech Ego-T, and I predict that anyone looking for a capable, competent e cigarette with many power options and a more intense vapor experience will fall for it as well. The starter kits are very affordably priced and will cost you less than some of the basic kits offered by other companies.

Using this product is pointedly different from smoking a traditional cigarette, and may not be the right choice for someone who is new to the world of electronic smoking, but those who are experienced vapers on the look-out for something better would do well to try the Joye Ego-T. The new “tanks” solve the common problems with previous e cigarette models, allowing you to experience the true flavor of your choice of e liquid, without the risk of getting the fluid all over your mouth.

The increased tank size also means that refills will last you longer than they do with most cartomizers. I hope that other companies will catch onto this technological advancement, and that Joyetech will continue to improve upon such a great idea.  If you are seeking a new e cig, the Joye Ego-T should be on the top of your list.”



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