Safe Smoking = Electronic Cigarette

With so much lack of safety all around, when we find the assurance of safety somewhere, it makes us both happy and curious. So, what do you do when somebody says that electronic cigarettes are safe? You can go through this blog and decide for yourself.

Health is the first reason why you get freaked out about trying something new like an ecig. If you have been smoking tobacco cigarettes for years now, you’ll naturally feel apprehensive about giving up the old habit and trying ecig. But isn’t your health more important than a habit which has been depositing layers of nicotine inside your lungs for years?

Have mercy on your body and choose an option that is safe. Electronic cigarettes are safe not just because of the obvious reason that they do not require fire to light them. Yes, they don’t require a match-stick or a lighter. But there’s more to ecigs than this simple reason.

safe smoking electronic cigarette

Ecigs are completely tobacco free. The nicotine that gives you the kick is very much present, but in a dissolved state. So, without harmful materials like tobacco and tar, your ecig automatically becomes safer than tobacco cigarettes. Now you may ask that what about the nicotine? But isn’t that the reason why you smoke? Even then, the nicotine has been mixed with liquids like propylene glycol to keep it as safe as possible.

Sans nicotine, ecigs become safer for passive smokers as well. the vapor of ecigs contain no tobacco odor. It is 90% approximately water vapor. Children and pregnant women are safe from the harmful tobacco vapor if you are using ecigs.

Taking care of yourself may not be that tough only if you begin with one task at a time. Using electronic cigarette instead of tobacco cigarettes will surely be a clever choice for you.

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