Save money, Save your Health

So how do you decide whether money comes first orĀ health? Some say, health is wealth. So, according to them, if you are healthy then you will have money. Not always. Some say, wealth is better. So, according to them, wealth must be the answer to bad health. Not always either. It is a combination of both that keeps a body working and the soul peaceful.

The debate of health or wealth will go on, and I am nobody to give a judgment. But in my years of experience, I have seen that one needs to maintain a healthy balance between the green paper and the visits to the doctor. Else all is in vain. You have the health of a horse but by the time you recover the losses you have had to endure to gain it, you lose your health. Or even worse, you are so busy in keeping yourself fit and strong that you forget about doing some good responsible job to run the family.

Alas the sick rich! They have the whole world waiting on them, but they never have a single moment of peace. They are so worried about their money that they ignore the importance of having a healthy body. The reckless lifestyle keeps them from enjoying the benefits of a healthy life.

It takes two to tango, as they say.

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