When you choose e- cigarettes over smoking tobacco you will need to start thinking about the e- cigarette’s clearomizer, which is basically a combination of the atomizer and cartridge (generally referred to as the cartridge). The clearomizer is similar to the cartomizer. However, the clearomizers are often transparent, which allows smokers to observe the levels of e- liquid in their small cartridges. Once the atomizer senses your drag it draws the e-liquid and vaporizes it. As the smoker inhales the vapor into their lungs, possible nicotine and flavor is absorbed. As you “vape” therefore, small levels of the e- liquid are sucked out calling for a refilling or replacement of the cartridge. A single e- cigarette can however last for several days to a few weeks; which all depend on how often you smoke.


The e- cigarette cartridge holds the e- liquid that is used for “vaping” or “smoking”. The e- liquid contains one or two compounds that have been used for several years in asthma inhalers and theatrical smoke, vegetable glycerin and/ or propylene glycol. The user has a choice of having non- nicotine or nicotine (in different levels) dissolved in this compound.

The benefits of e- cigarettes include

  1. No Tar

E- Cigarette offers no tar. This goes a long way in helping smokers maintain cleaner teeth and better health. Furthermore, less tar translates into fewer pollutants into the air and harmful second-hand smoke.

  1. Less Chemicals

E- Cigarettes use a more purified nicotine e- liquid and they do not use dangerous numerous chemical additives common in regular cigarettes.

  1. Reduces Second-hand Smoke

The vapor contains refined e- cigarette liquid. Consequently, persons close to the smoker do not face the risk associated with second-hand smoke. This overcomes the chances of contracting illnesses caused by second-hand smoke.

  1. Saves money

Regular cigarettes can cost you $7; on the other hand, you can get an equivalent for about $4. Meanwhile the life of the cartridge although varying with the model; super mini electronic cigarettes feature a small cartridge, that last an equivalent of 2- 4 traditional cigarettes. Mini sized electronic cigarettes will often last roughly an equivalent of 3- 6 cigarettes. On the other hand, pipe, cigar and pen style cartridges will often last an equivalent of about 10 cigarette puffs. The added advantage associated with less harm and fewer health repercussions contributes to substantial savings.

  1. Environmentally friendly

Because of fewer and less harmful chemicals in the e- cigarette, the outputs of e- cigarettes are safer to the environment.

  1. Non- Flammable

E- Cigarette uses cartridge to vaporize the e- cigarette liquid without having to burn combustion, the case with regular cigarettes. Furthermore, the absence of resulting ash and the possibility burning property and persons makes the e- cigarette safe. The cigarette is automatic and therefore you do not have to fear the consequences of a flame.

  1. Can Smoke Anywhere

Because of the absence of hideous odor, toxic smoke, flames and dangerous chemicals, the e- cigarette are permitted everywhere giving smokers an opportunity for indulging their pleasure.

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