V2 Cartridges – Choose Your Flavor

V2 Cartridges come in different flavors giving you the liberty to choose the cartridge you need. You need not have to experiment with different flavors to find out YOUR flavor. Instead you can choose the cartridge that comes with the specific flavor you want. Some of the flavors are similar to actual tobacco and they are sold as three main categories. Rich tobacco flavor for tradition taste and aroma, and they are sold under the names of V2 Red, Sahara, and Congress. Menthol flavor comes as menthol and peppermint for the amazing freshness and coolness that lingers on for quite some time.

V2 Cartridges

Special flavors are sold as chocolate, cherry, cola, vanilla, coffee. All these flavors are available in the strengths, which range from 0 mg -18 mg. This amazing range of flavors that comes with refillable liquid promises incredible experience. It can be said, undoubtedly, that V2 cartridges offer numerous flavoring options that will suit your choice and moods.

V2 e cigs catch the market by their better features and high-quality products. Many users of e cigs swear by the rewarding experience they get, once they started vaping v2 e cigs. And a major credit does go to V2 Cartridges. Nicotine containing e liquid present in the V2 e cartridges is the fuel that creates the effect of real tobacco cigarette. And this gives you the true experience of smoking without affecting your health.

V2 Cartridges and Your Health

The health risks are low or none, nicotine, the main ingredient of tobacco cigarette is released from e liquid containing cartridges in a controlled manner by the atomizer. The components of the e cigs are joined by screw on method and they appear similar to actual cigarettes in terms of look and feel. These battery operated devise, turns the liquid nicotine extract present in the v2 cartridges into thick vapor, which gives similar throat hit like tobacco cigarettes. These cigs do not emanate any smoke so they do not harm your social standing since many buildings and public premises have been declared as no smoking zones. Passive smokers are at health risks for no fault of their own, parent who smoke in the presence of their children do considerable damage to these young individuals. Switching to v2 e cigs seems to be perfect idea since you can not only enjoy your e cigs but also protect your loved ones from the bad effects of tobacco.

V2 Cartridges – [WPMSHOT key=”V2 Cigs” url=”http://digitaljournal.com/pr/1710728″] and Its Features

The following section tells you about in the features of V2 e cigs in general and V2 e cigs’ cartridges in particular.

  • The e cigs are made of metallic body that resembles original cigarette. The special proprietary battery which runs the gadget comes in different sizes giving milder to stronger effect depending upon the strength of the individual batteries and strength of the e liquid.
  • As far as price is concerned these are the most economical. Since V2 e cigs depend on disposal cartridges that are equivalent to 20 usual cigarettes. That means a pack of 50 cartridges is equivalent to 1000 tobacco cigarettes, and this comes to you at a price of $20.
  • V2 e cig cartridges contain e liquid (nicotine) or chemical extracts of tobacco that imitates the effects of tobacco by slow release of nicotine laced vapor that gives similar throat hit as real cigarette.
  • The fact that tobacco can cause many serious illnesses has made many smokers quit their bad habit. Nearly 4000 harmful chemical is found in a normal cigarette, with e liquid filled V2 cartridges you just don’t have to think about ill effects of tobacco anymore.
  • Since the e liquid is devoid of any harmful chemicals usually found in the tobacco cigarette, they are completely safe for use. Since the vapor generated by the combined effect of atomizer and lithium batteries do not cause any irritation to others present in close vicinity, these cigs can be consumed in no smoking zones as well. Passive smokers do not have to suffer any more because of somebody else’s smoking habits.
  • V2 cartridges can be replaced with prefilled cartridges once they run out of juice, or you can refill them with e liquids that are easily available in numerous flavors. V2 cartridges offer this flexibility where you get to refill cartridges as and when you need them. Prefilled V2 cartridges will save your time and effort but if you opt for refillable variety you can try out various flavor and even mix them up to create unique personalized flavors, for the ultimate experience.

To know more on V2 Cartridges you can visit the official site of V2. The site has wonderfully featured essential aspects that you may want to know about V2 Cartridges.

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