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The V2 Cigs electronic cigarette company is the most rapidly growing one of all. They are making large strides in the business and are recognized worldwide for their state of the art technology and low prices. While it is easy to claim a firm is the best, it actually means something when it has been proven. V2 Cigs is the top e-cig company based on Internet rankings identified by Alexa.com. So why are the V2 Cigs so popular with many folks? For great prices, they offer the vaporizing with e-cigs and the opportunity to quit smoking for anyone, forever.

They have a top-notch line of E-Cigarette starter kits, a large assortment of flavored, refillable nicotine cartridges and their own line of E-liquid. They've currently brought out their well-known improvements–including a 4.2 volt battery that is better than that of any other e-cigarette available.

However, V2's success goes beyond their recent updates, great prices and superior quality products. If you want additional proof of how large and successful the brand is, just check out their UPS partnership. E-Cig customers have for a long time dealt with waiting a long time for slow shipping since the US Postal Service was the only one who would ship them. The largest global shipping company offered a partnership to V2 because of how trusted they are. We will delve more into V2's customer service later in this review, but right now, let us see V2's incredible line of electronic smoking merchandise.

A general look at V2 E-Cigs and what makes them so unique

That is easy, it is their electronic cigarettes. When you evaluate e cig companies, there are a few things you should look at. Most important is the level of technology and quality of the product. The content and pricing of starter kits is important too. I will go through the parts of the E-Cigs they offer that ensure they're so popular.

The V2 Battery

The battery is the most critical component of electronic cigarettes, and V2's rises to the occasion. They recently came out with their new batteries, and this was big news. These are 4.2 volts and this is more than any other miniature electronic cigarette sold, in terms of power. These batteries are miniature-style batteries, the model they utilize is known by “kr808d” and these are the most common miniature E-Cig batteries sold today. Nonetheless, not all kr808d batteries are made alike. You can distinguish a V2 battery by the cool matte finish, they feel rubbery when compared to the typical hard metallic feel of kr808d batteries that other companies have. But they’re not just cooler to look at; they’re simply a superior grade of mini batteries, particularly since the changes done recently.

One thing that's really annoying about mini e cigs is they tend to run out of power fast, but V2 Cigs mini does not do that. With their great new battery, you can smoke for a long time between charges. If that is not reason enough, since they last longer, they also produce more vapor. Other batteries begin to lag as the charge wears out and make weak vapor hits prior to their dying. However, since these V2 batteries are powered by 4.2 volts and last longer, they generate large puffs of vapor for longer periods of time.

Choices, choices, choices

V2 Cigs are not just high performance, they also have a variety of lengths and styles of their batteries. You can get a shorty model battery at 100mm, or a standard at 110, or a long at 140. And all of these sizes let you select between an automatic and a manual operation. Automatic batteries generate vapor as you inhale them, but for manual batteries, you push a button and inhale. It just boils down to a matter of taste, some claim that manual batteries produce more vapor with every hit, but the automatic is very convenient. It doesn't matter as automatic or manual options aren't even something that many brands offer, and options are always welcome. The cost for the single batteries run from $20 for the shorty to a mere $30 for the long boy. Some of the least expensive prices available are at V2, and given their quality they're a real bargain.

V2 Cigs, like the other e-cig companies, makes available pre-filled cartomizers, which you may know as nicotine cartridges. However, V2 Cigs is different than other E-Cigarette companies, they have cartomizers in a large assortment of flavors, and at a cheaper price per cartridge than many of the other brands out there.

V2 Cigs don't come in the biggest choice of flavors, but there's more than that to the industry. There are some brands that have a large line of flavors, but the truth is, none of them are very good tasting. That's not V2's situation; they may not have the biggest range of choices, but it's a good size and they all taste wonderful. There are three main flavor categories offered by V2 and they are tobacco, menthol and so-called “specialty” flavors. I've created a diagram that shows what flavors are in which group. Then, I will tell you about the flavors I have tried, so you can figure out what kind you want to try.

Rich tobacco flavors include: V2 Red, Sahara & Congress. Cool Menthol flavors are Menthol and Peppermint. Specialty flavors include: Vanilla, Cola, Chocolate, Cherry and Coffee. Still, it is a fine list and you probably won't need any additional flavors than the list above. They provide something that everyone can appreciate. My opinion is that I like the specialty flavors more than I like the tobacco and menthol flavors. I like being able to change things around and check out the cool tastes of flavors, such as vanilla or cherry. Out of the selection from V2, I tried the V2 Vanilla, Cola, Coffee, Cherry and Red flavors. I liked them all since I enjoy everything about a V2 electronic cigarette-but I especially enjoyed V2 Cola (I do not believe any of the other brands offer a cola flavor), Vanilla and Cherry. Every one of them had a unique flavor and tasted wonderful.

Comparing the Cost of V2 to Other Brands

V2 approximates that their cartridges cost $1.69 per cartridge. On the website, there is a comparison chart that illustrates that the per cartridge cost is a lot cheaper than any other brand currently sold. Here is more detail about the prices for their products. Nicotine cartridge prices are as follows: 5 – $12.95; 20 = $44.95; 40 = $66.47; 80 =- $129.95; 100 = $225. Those are fantastic prices, especially when you consider the superior quality of V2's cartomizers and the flavors used in them. Now, they have a deal going on in which they present a special edition, “Passion Fruit” flavor that is available in a 5 pack for just $9.95.

If you do not have a great deal of time or you want to avoid the messy hassle of refilling your own, pre-filled nicotine cartridges are a good choice. And it always seems tastier if you don't have to work so hard to refill the cartridge. Although, it is probably only me. But, if you want to try using E-Liquids, V2 Cigarettes has what you need, in their recently released line of -e-liquids. When you refill with e-liquid you save a lot of money and open up new possibilities for your e-smoking.

V2 just brought out a line of their own e-liquids, which is something not frequently seen in the world of mainstream electronic cigs. That is the best indication that a company is not only about making money but also to put out a better vaporizing experience for its customers. Since they sell their e-liquid at $10 for 10ml, they let you have the chance to refill the cartridges rather than forcing you into purchasing their more costly pre-filled cartridges. With V2's cartridge design, you can refill with your own e-liquid over and over, unlike competitors that put hard covers on the ends of their cartridges to prevent this money-saving option. V2 eliminates that system with their soft cartridge tops and a signature brand of e-liquid. There is plenty to love about the V2 e-liquids, including the vapor quality, the throat hit, and the delicious flavor options.

Why is V2 E-Liquid So Unique?

V2 Cigs now have their e-liquids in four flavors–V2 Menthol, Sahara, Red and Peppermint. All flavors come in strengths ranging from 0mg to 18 mg of nicotine. These e-liquids work by taking the empty cartridges that V2 has and refilling them, in case you did not know. You just use the drip bottles to easily drop the e-liquid into the cartridge's end and the design makes it very simple. One other interesting option this gives you is that you are able to mix and match different flavors. Thanks to this, you can take a nearly empty cartridge, for example vanilla, and add some of another flavor such as peppermint to create a new blend like peppermint vanilla using these examples.

V2 has more than just the fundamental things that make an e-liquid great, meaning that it has more advantages than a classic e-liquid. For one thing, they sell their bottles at a greatly discounted price. For just $10, you could buy the 110 mL bottle and the 20 mL bottle is just $18.95. As an example, 10mL of e-liquid will refill 10 cartridges (once in a while I made it last for 15)-that is just $1 per refill. Gigantic savings over purchasing the pre-filled cartons.

However, maybe the nicest thing about the e-liquid from V2 is that they give you what has never been given in e-liquid's history, which is batch testing. E-liquid is a somewhat mysterious item, frequently, it is made overseas and it is difficult to know whether the ingredients are safe, not to mention if the nicotine amount actually matches what the label says. The primary ingredient in nicotine e-liquid is Propylene Glycol, a substance that is difficult to regulate, and that is a major factor in its consumption. However, V2 Cigs places a number on each one, and you can log onto the website and do a “batch check” to see a report on the batch that your e-liquid is from originally. This goes far beyond previous e-liquid regulations, and it truly helps to resolve issues with e-liquid.

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The most crucial factor of any e-cig company is what they offer in their starter kits, like V2's quality line of them. Judge a company like this on its quality, its prices for starter kits, and their contents. A lot of companies will simply purchase bulk packages of batteries, cartomizers (cartridges) and chargers from overseas and toss them together to sell them for gigantic profits. The majority of starter kits sold now are exactly the same thing, merely branded with a different logo on the package. However, V2 is a brand all its own. They make their products here in the United States and always stick with the V2 original style and high quality that makes these starter kits so good.

Now, let us focus on the specifics of V2's starter kit line. You should understand that the basic technology for their e-cigs involves a battery pack, refillable cartridges and the e-liquids mentioned above. The most basic starter kit includes a battery, cartridges and a charger of some kind. However V2 does what it does marvelously as it offers lots of different options for starter kits with all of them containing their excellent core technologies for e-cigarettes. As previously mentioned, the batteries they offer have a perfect “matte finish”, and you know you're using this brand when you get that soft V2 style finish. These cartridges taste great and have a low-resistance, easy to inhale style. The point I am trying to make is that if you buy a V2 starter kit, you are on the right track. You are going to be getting a fantastic electronic cigarette with superb flavors from a fine brand. Remember, V2 is not just about quality, they are also about assortment.

The huge variety of options in starter kits at v2cigs.com surprised me when I first decided to get into e-cigarettes and started comparison shopping. From as low as $29.95, they offer great starter kits; in fact, they have kits as high as $189.95, perfect for any budget. Every starter kit they offer has the basic e-cig, but there are those that include marvelous accessories like a charger for the car or one that's portable. The pricier ones have more flavor cartridges and more batteries, and so on. I have assembled a short guide for all of the starter kits — I will show the cost, give my opinion of the kit and tell you want is inside it.

At a cost of $29.95, the Express Kit from V2 is great for those on a tight budget and is the least expensive you're going to come across. But by cheapest, I only am referring to price, not quality. Naturally this kit doesn't come with a lot of things, and you'll get only the essentials with this. It includes 1 flavor cartridge, 1 USB charger and 1 battery. So, clearly the pros here are that it is inexpensive, and you can try it out for a while before you upgrade. And it's great, in addition, since you just have to order additional flavor cartridges if the first one runs out. You will get a superior quality V2 e-cigarette and a charger for $30. You can't beat that deal. Just so you know, you may wish to order the five-pack of flavor cartridges as you put in your order. A single flavor cartridge will last you for a while, but when it runs out, you will need to wait for more to be shipped out.

V2 Notebook-Cig ($29.95) — The other V2 option that you can buy for less than $30 is the V2 Notebook Cig. This is a nice small kit that is a little different than the Express Kit. What you will have now is a USB electronic cigarette–it is totally powered by your computer. The great thing about it is that this kind of e cig will always be charged and ready to go, and it will always deliver tremendous vapor volume. The cons are that you cannot bring it along unless you intend to take your laptop with you — I did this before and my friends thought it was funny. But in the end, it is not practical when it comes to portability. However, different from the Express Kit, you get the complete five pack of flavor cartridges and you can select from any of the flavors V2 sells. This is an excellent alternative for people who spend a great deal of time on the computer. I'm a big fan of their USB Passthrough E-cigarette, and it's always possible to put a regular e-cig on if greater portability is required.

V2 Cigs Fully Stocked Starter Kits cost a little more, but you will get absolutely everything you could possibly need to get started. These are fantastic for a tight budget, but in the end, you will require all of the supplies that are in the “real” V2 starter kits I have shown below. Five such kits exist although I've only given a review for the entry level and the high-end kits (Economy and Ultimate). For the rest of them, you will get essentially the same thing with minor adjustments of chargers, cartomizers, accessories, etc. Take a look at V2 Cig's website to find out more information on all of these kits.

The standard pricing to get into the e-cig market is about $60, and the V2 Economy Kit is a full entry kit for only $59.95. You won't be disappointed in V2Cigs. Their economy kit may cost about the same as other brands, but the quality far surpasses them, as does V2 Cigs customer service. The kit includes a ten pack of flavor cartridges along with a battery and two chargers, USB and wall. Ideal for anyone just starting with e-smoking.

V2 Ultimate Kit – The Cadillac of Starter Kits ($189.95) — This kit might look pricey, but when you put it in perspective as far as regular tobacco cigarettes, it is about the same price as around 24 packs, and this lasts a lot longer. The kit is world class good. Considering the accessories and options provided, the expense does not outweigh the amazing value. You will get your choice of three batteries. Choose from 3 lengths in manual or automatic. You will also receive five 5 packs of nicotine cartridges in the flavors and strengths you choose. You'll get a carrying case, a portable charging case, a V2 charger, and a V2 Power Cig, which is a fully USB powered e cig. And you'll see that the kit is a winner and worth any money you spend on it.

So by now you can tell that, including it's ultimate customer service, V2 is the e-cigarette product I always buy. I tried every one of their kits and flavors and they are my favorite brand and have been since I began e-smoking. They are the obvious leader in the industry and also the fastest growing brand. But the best part is how a company this big has such amazing customer service. There has always been a problem with customer service regarding e-cigarettes. Either it is impossible to speak with a real person, the website does not work properly or (the worst case scenario) there are shipment delays or your items do not ship at all.

There's an easy to use website for V2 Cigs as well as 24/7 customer service and its new partnering with UPS for quick delivery. Essentially, that means you will always have your questions answered, you will like shopping on the website and your order will arrive on time. In a nutshell, V2 Cigarettes strive for the best with their products and they have the fantastic customer service to match.