Volcano E Cigarettes Review

Why Volcano Electronic Cigarettes are Making Quite an Eruption

We recently conducted a detailed review of Volcano Electronic Cigarettes and were rather impressed with this rising star of the E-Cig industry. We tested a good cross section of the company’s product line, including starter kits and e-liquids with the innovative Lavatube. One interesting and well-received product is the disposable cigarette that we will discuss. The following are the test results from the recent review.

Going Forward With Volcano Starter Kits

In beginning our review process, we first looked at Volcano’s excellent starter kit options. We compared them with similar kits on the market, and tested each e-cigarette starter kit as indicated below.

As with any in depth review, we carefully tested and evaluated the performance of each component of the company’s starter kits. Volcano scored well in most areas, and especially in terms of battery performance and overall production of vapor. As you will see in the results of the review, the Volcano brand is a brand that takes quality very seriously. Get ready to explore some truly amazing products, including, The Inferno and the Magma to name just a few.

Big in Size and Big in Performance – the Inferno Starter Kit

Larger than your average e-cigarette, the Inferno is roughly twice the thickness of a standard e-cigarette. In practical testing we found this starter kit to be well worth the small investment of $74.99. With exceptional battery life, and generous vapor production this kit leaves a lasting impression on the e-smoker. An e-smoker can choose to either use the cartomizer with a standard drip-tip arrangement or a 510-tank arrangement. Some e-smokers may choose to use the drip-tip and the tank, which is part of the starter kit at a minimally additional cost.

Shipped with a 650mAH battery, the Super Inferno 1000mAH battery, a wall and USB charger, a USB cable, a carry case, and Volcano’s flavor rich V-Liquid. When selecting the Drip Kit option, it includes the Magma Atomizer. Also included is the anodized drip tip with a few matching atomizer cones. When selecting the Tank kit option, it includes an Inferno Tank-o-mizer and five blank tanks for refilling.

Inferno Starter Kit Battery Basics

Shipped with both a 650mAH USB style battery and the more stoutly Super 1000mAH model battery, the Inferno is a force to be reckoned with. Ideal for home use the USB battery set-up is one of my favorites, especially considering how much time I spend at my computer. This type configuration is nice because there is never the issue of running out of charge.

Expect the Inferno with its powerful battery (1000mAH) to outlast many comparable brands. Going 24 hours or more on a charge is not uncommon. Battery endurance is quickly becoming more of an important factor for overall satisfaction with e-smokers. The Inferno Starter Kit meets those expectations head on, with its remarkable battery capacity and endurance. This kit is at the front of the pack, hands down in overall battery performance.

Inferno Starter Kit Vapor Quality

The Inferno Starter Kit with its signature e-Cigarette is again leading the way, when it comes to vapor production. Personally, this reviewer was floored by the quality and quantity of vapor that this product produced. Expect huge throat hits from the powerful vapor production of this heavy hitter e-cigarette. While the tank style requires a bit more pull from the e-smoker, the standard drip-tip approach was consistent in producing tremendous levels of vapor each and every time we tried.

Inferno Starter Kit Overall

Overall the Inferno Starter Kit is hard to resist. Again, at a budget minded $74.99 this kit, considering what you get, is a bargain in my view. Remember, this kit ships with not one but two batteries, and not just any battery. These are strong and long lasting batteries utilizing cutting edge technology. To recap, included in this kit is a 650mAH battery, the Super Inferno 1000mAH battery, a wall and USB charger, a USB cable, a carry case, and Volcano’s flavor rich V-Liquid. When selecting the Tank kit option, it includes an Inferno Tank-o-mizer and five blank tanks for refilling.

The Inferno Starter Kit ranks high on all accounts. Make no bones about it, it is a large e-cigarette, but it answers a demand for this type e-cigarette. As discussed earlier, it is around twice the width and a bit longer than a standard e-cigarette. The trade off is the unrelenting performance and endurance that comes inherent in every Inferno Starter Kit delivered. This e-cigarette ships in basic black and is sure to earn the respect of friends and family alike. Silver battery or red battery options further add to the intrigue of this exciting forward-looking product. Nice job Volcano, indeed.

Clearly a Cut Above – The Magma Starter Kit

Priced smarty and equal to the Inferno, the Magma starter kit is also $74.99. As with the Inferno, the Magma offers a choice of single cartomizer, or a tank set-up. While the Inferno has the heavy hitter of batteries, especially because of its size, the Magma has a battery that is somewhat smaller. The battery does have the auto-battery capability. The Magma is more of a traditional e-cigarette in terms of its overall size, unlike the Inferno.

Again, you will not find the super powerful 1000mAH battery in the Magma Starter Kit, nor will you find the USB batteries. However, you will be happy to find the choice of two auto or manual batteries. Also included is a trendy charging case that sports a high tech looking indicator that gives battery charge remaining information.

This mid-sized kit ships complete with the following: 2 M-batteries with auto/man, a portable carry case, a USB and wall charger, a bottle of V-Liquid and a mini-USB cable. The drip-kit is configured to include a couple of Magma Atomizers and an aluminum drip-tip, while the Tank-kit is configured to include a Magma Tank-o-mizer and five blank tanks. This is a kit likely more suited to someone just starting out with e-cigarettes.

Magma Starter Kit Battery Basics

As stated earlier on, the Magma Starter Kit does not sport the ultra powerful battery of the Inferno, yet vapor production was surprisingly good. None-the-less expect a charge to last upwards of 24 hours with the standard Magma batteries. Charging while on the go, is easy and convenient. With auto/man options you are free to use or not use battery power at your discretion. Very nice indeed is the M-Case, and the electronic readout of battery charge is very high tech.

Magma Starter Kit Vapor Quality

The point has been made that the Magma Starter Kit is by no means the Inferno starter kit. But, with that said the Magma was still able to produce a very respectable vapor cloud. Throat hits were very good and the required draw was surprisingly un-forceful. The cartomizer drip-tip configuration is the reason for this unexpectedly good draw quality.

Magma Starter Kit Overall

As stated above, this Volcano kit chimes in at just $74.99. This is a very budget minded and fair price based on what we experienced from the kit during the review process. Ideal for those just starting out with e-smoking, this is really a great kit. The Magma has a visual appeal all its own, meaning it just looks good. To top it all off the company fits this model with a head turning red LED tip that works quite well with the basic black design of this e-cigarette.

The Company’s Namesake РVolcano Starter Kit

Priced at a seemingly surprising $64.99, the Volcano Starter Kit is an overall hit. This kit was most certainly designed with the first time e-smoker in mind. Smaller in length, it is truly a miniature by any other name. The kit comes standard with the Kr808d-1 batteries. It also includes a standard cartomizer, with no optional tank configuration. From our review data, we determine this kit to be the starter kit of choice for newcomers.

The Volcano brand Volcano Starter Kit ships standard with the following: A couple of V-batteries (let’s not forget the signature red LED tips), a V-Pack, a USB and wall charger, and a five pack of cartomizers.

Volcano Starter Kit Battery Basics

With small as the main theme of the Volcano Starter Kit, we found this e-cigarette to still stand the test. With its miniature design the Volcano and its smaller batteries were still able to hold a charge surprisingly well. This miniature e-Cig with its V-Battery is able to run with the best of them and keep up. Recharging is easy and convenient with the V-pack. This smaller performer will not leave you hanging. We tried it, and we liked it.

Volcano Starter Kit Vapor Quality

In testing this small but potent contender we discovered that this is a fully capable model of e-cigarette. Throat hits are amazingly full and complete on each and every draw. Considering the size of the Volcano, we were routinely impressed with what this miniature could do. It really all comes down to vapor production with any e-cigarette on the market, and the Volcano Starter Kit is a good producer, no question.

Volcano Starter Kit Overall

As stated, at a quite reasonable entry-level price of $64.99, the Volcano Starter Kit is a match made in heaven for the newcomer. Using one of the 10% off coupons will put this kit in the sub 60-dollar range, and that’s pretty amazing. With a large flavor choice and all the other extras talked about above, how could anyone not indulge? The Volcano e-Cig simply looks good. This small fry is downright attractive, and comes with a choice of white or black batteries. The red LED tip is a nice feature, and the charging case makes is the final detail that makes it all worth owning. This miniature is a winner.

Introducing LavaTube by Valcano

What is the LavaTube? The LavaTube is a digitally selectable e-Cig, you could say. What that implies is that the e-smoker is able to actually select voltage output. Why is this important? It is important because it affords a highly custom e-smoking experience. For example, by setting the voltage to a mid-range of say, 3-watts, you can experience a moderate vapor production. On the other had, if you are in the mood for a deep full throat hit, then a setting in the 6-watt range will do the trick. Dial in whatever you want, is another way to put it.

The Volcano LavaTube can be purchased individually or as a complete kit. It is configured as a three-piece e-cigarette, where you have the option of purchasing the pre-filled cartridges. You can also purchase refills that connect right into the atomizer. This is a cutting edge device. Allowing the e-smoker the flexibility to adjust the wattage is a custom touch that only Volcano could have dreamed up. Good work Volcano.

The flexibility to choose your “watts” as you go is priceless. Incorporating a type 18650 battery, Volcano has designed a device that allows the e-smoker to turn on, turn off, increase watts, and decrease watts all at the touch of a button. The battery is resilient and strong and offers excellent length of charge. For battery conservation, just decrease the wattage and watch your battery life extend inversely. The digital readout will give you constant feedback on battery power levels. Now that is what I call digital control.

In summing up the LavaTube and its unique attributes, one thing is certain, this is a useful and desirable option. The LavaTube kit normally ships with the following: A LavaTube, an Atomizer, a LiMN rechargeable battery, wall and vehicle chargers and a black-swirl drip tip. We left out the trendy carry case, but Volcano will remember it when you purchase one of these great Volcano packages. As a good measure, purchasing additional replacement drip-tips is a wise decision. They will give you the flexibility to refill the cartomizers, while avoiding having to remove the mouthpiece. Going a step further, volcano offers a replacement tube-tank cartomizer. Fitting various sized cartomizers we found this setup offered generously deep throat hits every time. The LavaTube is a fun and smart option, and comes highly recommended from this review team.

Rounding Out the Volcano Product Line

With a large selection of exciting flavors, Volcano is right on target with the company brand V-Liquids. All flavors are offered in varying strength. Ranging in milligrams from 0 to 8 to 16 and all the way to 24. Whatever your goals maybe, quitting tobacco or just out to enjoy a full strength throat hit, there is a level right for you. Whatever kit or product you choose, the wide selection of flavors will keep you eager to try them all. We have listed several of the signature flavors below, check the store or website for the full list.

Volcano V-Liquid flavor sampling: Vanilla Bean, Bonzai Banana, Menthol, Strawberry, Pipeline Peach, Red Hot Lava, Watermelon, Tobacco Pure, Aloha Apple, Kona Coffee, Coocoo Coconut, Cotton Candy, Jungle Fruit, Sweet Tart, and many more. As a note, this reviewer found a special liking in the Vanilla Bean, Watermelon and last but not least the Red Hot Lava. These are all excellent flavors and all enjoyable.

More Exciting News – Volcano E-Cig disposables

Volcano offers some real tangible innovation among their product line. Here is an intriguing product by Volcano priced at just $12.99. We are not talking high priced option here, we are talking quite reasonable, in fact. The “disposable e-cig” is a great concept and the potential for further advances is unlimited. This unique e-Cig is offered in both Menthol and Tobacco, and is available various strength levels as previously mentioned. As a kicker, the Tobacco flavor sports an epic red LED, while the Menthol flavor sports an even more epic green LED. They glow bright as you draw on this clever model of e-Cig.

Here is a novel way to take Volcano for a test drive. The Express Disposable E-Cigarette. Is a very smart choice for the prospective e-smoker, looking to test the waters of e-smoking. The Volcano Express is configured with a rechargeable battery and a cartomizer. Choose your flavor and at what level you would like, and you are on your way. This is such a great option for those showing interest in e-smoking. Volcano knows what customers want, and they rise to the occasion time and time again. Impressive.

In conclusion, it was a genuine pleasure reviewing this innovative and “outside the box” type e-cigarette company. Volcano is well suited for continued growth in the exciting market of e-cigarettes. Whether you are considering the LavaTube, the Magma or the heavy weight Inferno, one thing is sure, you will be quite pleased, as we were. Volcano has options galore for all levels of e-cigarette customers. From the V-Pack to the M-Pack, and from the trendy carry cases to the gold standard batteries, they have the bases covered. We give Volcano high marks across the board and know you will too.