SmokeStik E Cigarette Review 2012

SmokeStik Review – Celebrities LOVE The SmokeStik E Cig But How Does The Brand Really Measure Up?

Have you ever seen the video of Katherine Heigl smoking an electronic cigarette on David Letterman’s Tonight Show? Well the E-Cigarette brand that she was smoking was SmokeStik.




SmokeStik E Cigarette Brand ReviewSmokestik is one of the top brands on the market and has been around since electronic cigarettes took off a few years ago. If you’re looking for a brand to get started with in terms of beginning to smoke E-Cigarettes or if you want to get someone else started on the road to quitting tobacco, than SmokeStik is the way to go. There’s a lot of things to look at here with SmokeStik’s product line, so we’ll go through a few different aspects, from their quality starter kits to what makes their brand different from all of the brands to their different options for accessories, cartridges and more. Additionally, I received a sample Halligan SmokeStik Starter Kit that I have written a full review on so that you can get an idea about the pros and cons of purchasing SmokeStik products.


SmokeStik Starter Kits


One thing you’ll notice about SmokeStik brand is that they have a ton of options for different starter kits. This is always a positive sign for an E-Cigarette brand; the more starter kit varieties they have means that you are more likely to find a kit that is right for you – whether you are a beginner or an experienced E-Smoker. SmokeStik offers the following starter kit varieties: Halligan Starter Kit, Hendu Starter Kit, Pink Starter Kit, JET Starter Kit, Pitbull Starter Kit, Premium Starter Kit and Royale Starter Kit. Now this may seem like too many options to wrap your mind around – but don’t worry I’m going to run through some of these kits and give you a quick summary of what they are and how they differ from the others.


Halligan Starter Kit


The Halligan Starter Kit is the newest kit offered by SmokeStik and it is by far their best kit. It comes with 2 sleek, futuristic looking red batteries that light up bright white when smoked. But more important than the looks, the Halligan batteries are of super long lasting quality – it measures in with a 250 mAH. mAH is a measure of how long a battery can hold a charge after being fully charged. These batteries will last much longer than many other batteries you’ll find on the market, and even longer than the original SmokeStik batteries (which lasted a long time themselves). The kit also comes with three cartomizers – 1 high, 1 medium and 1 low nicotine level cartridges. Even better than the product itself is that if you purchase one, a portion of proceeds go to benefit the Feel Good Foundation which is committed to assisting first responders. The Halligan Starter Kit runs for $99.95, a great price for a high end E-Cigarette.


Pitbull Starter Kit


The Pitbull Starter Kit is similar to the Halligan Starter Kit because it also has the high power, super long lasting battery that makes both kits some of the best options on the market. The Pitbull Starter Kit comes with 2 of those high powered (250 mAH) batteries and they are some sleek silver batteries that really look better than most E-Cigarette batteries on the market. Included are three cartomizers just like with the Halligan kit. Proceeds of sales of the Pitbull Starter Kit go to the Compassion Revolution, a charity started by Katherine Heigl to end pet overpopulation.


Hendu Elite Starter Kit


The Hendu Kit is high performing like most of SmokeStik’s starter kits, but it by far the best looking. It comes with a stainless steel battery that lights up purple at the end with a jewel LED tip. This is seriously one of the coolest looking E-Cigs that I’ve ever seen.


Royale Starter Kit


The Royale Starter Kit is the lowest priced option offered by SmokeStik. It will run you a measly $79.85 and comes with a white battery and 3 cartomizers (1 each of high, medium and low nicotine levels). It performs right up there with their other kits but comes with white batteries and is a great option for the budget-conscious.


The Other Kits


So these are the main starter kits that needed mention, but I’ll throw in a few notes on the others so that you aren’t lost. The **Pink Starter Kit** is a great option for the ladies because it comes with 2 cool looking pink batteries and, combined with the unique thin SmokeStik design, is truly elegant. The **Jet Starter Kit** is only $89.95 and comes with a jet black battery, giving it a futuristic look and a great option for anyone wanting the classic black E-Cigarette look. Finally there is the **Premium Starter Kit** – SmokeStik’s best seller and a great option for anyone wanting a basic E-Cigarette with superior vapor and performance.


What Makes SmokeStik A Great Brand?


Let’s take a look at the SmokeStik brand beyond the names of the starter kits. First of all, we have to focus on why SmokeStik E-Cigarettes are some of the best in the business. To start, they simply have the highest quality electronic cigarette set up. Their batteries are cooler looking and higher performing than any other on the market, I can say this with my own personal stamp of approval. Then there are the cartomizers – these are some of the best cartomizers I’ve seen. They are low resistance, this means that when you pull on these SmokeStik E-Cigarettes, you’re going to get a whole bunch of vapor without having to suck on your E-Cig like a goldfish. The vapor flows easily and is satisfying, you won’t even miss your tobacco cigarettes when you use SmokeStik brand.


New XL Cartomizers


SmokeStik recently began offering a product called “XL Cartomizers”. Cartomizers are the cartridges that you plug into the E-Cig battery and they contain the E-Liquid and the atomizer that uses the battery power to vaporize the e-Liquid and create the vapor that you inhale. Anyway, these XL Cartomizers hold two times as much E-Liquid as their original cartomizers! The best part is that their 5-packs of XL Cartomizers only cost $27.95, only around $8 more than their other 5-packs of normal cartomizers.




There isn’t much to say about the SmokeStik accessories because everything is so well covered in their starter kits. However, they do have one really cool option – battery skin covers! You can choose from a bunch of cool skins for your battery, something that I haven’t seen from any other brand on the E-Cig market. They also have great strings for your neck where you can hang your SmokeStik (this is actually really useful because E-Cigs are always getting lost in your pocket and car seats).


My Full Review of the SmokeStik Halligan Starter Kit


So far we’ve discussed all the things that make the SmokeStik brand great, but I want all you readers out there to have a full, first person view of why this brand and their starter kits are truly one of a kind. I received a sample Halligan Starter Kit (SmokeStik’s newest and best starter kit), as a review sample from SmokeStik upon request.


The first thing that I noticed when the Halligan Kit arrived in the mail was that SmokeStik has some of the best packaging and quality of appearance that you’ll find on the E-Cigarette market. The Halligan E-Cig was packaged very nicely and just looked like a present waiting to be opened on Christmas day.


Unfortunately, I had to charge my batteries up before using, which was really hard because all I wanted to do was get that beautiful, sleek battery plugged into a cartomizer and start puffing away. I had always heard that SmokeStik’s E-Cigs had some of the best and most satisfying vapor and I was just rearing to get going.


Well I finally got the Halligan battery charged and upon my first puff of this product, I knew why it was so highly rated by other reviewers. The vapor came flowing out of that low resistance cartomizer so smoothly, hitting the back of my throat in a super satisfying throat hit. I exhaled a huge cloud of vapor and I knew this product was going to get a really great review. So here is my full rating overview of the Halligan Starter Kit!


Full Rating Overview of the Halligan Starter Kit by Smokestik


Battery 9/10


The best part about this product is its battery. The battery is a new and improved version of SmokeStik’s old batteries – it has a 250 mAH (the measure of how long a battery can hold a charge) and is really cool looking and sleek on top of that. I loved the red design and appearance, but I loved the super powered nature of the battery even more. Not only did the charge last forever, but because it is more high powered, it creates just a ton of vapor that not only has a lot of volume but extremely satisfying to boot.


Vapor Quality and Throat Hit 8.5/10


As I mentioned above in the battery section, the Halligan E-Cigarette produces some of the most beautiful, satisfying vapor that I’ve ever seen. The high powered battery combined with their low resistance vaporizers create quite honestly the best vapor I’ve ever seen.


Appearance and Design 10/10


SmokeStik produces some sexy electronic cigarettes. This is by far the best part about SmokeStik’s brand name and really makes them my favorite brand. My Halligan E-Cigarette was beautiful and sleek, but all of their other varieties are amazing as well – particularly the Hendu Elite with it’s sleek silver design and purple LED tip.


Price 9.5/10


The SmokeStik starter kits may appear to be a little bit steeper priced than some others on the market, but it is well worth it for their superior performance and design. SmokeStik creates sturdier, higher performing and better looking products and therefore charges a bit of a higher price tag. Don’t make the mistake of going with a cheap brand – choose the higher end SmokeStik electronic cigarettes.