Water Vapor Cigarette – An Overview

The best alternative to smoke your cigarette without tobacco is the Water Vapor Cigarette. It is a wonderful experience of smoking a cigarette and a taste which you will never forget and a taste you will certainly relish. Day is not far off when people will take to Vapor Cigarette instead of the conventional tobacco cigarette. Also called as Vapor Cigarette (some even call this e-cigarette), this substituted smoking habit is becoming popular day by day. It is said that the concept of vapor cigarette started as early as 1963 after several researches, it has finally taken the shape of electronic cigarette. Switch over to the vapor cigarette and experience the change in taste.

Water Vapor Cigarette

Water Vapor Cigarette is Organic

A lot of R & D has gone into the making of Water Vapor Cigarette. Nicotine is extracted from organic materials like pepper, potato, egg plant. This nicotine give you much better taste than the one present in tobacco. E-cigar is basically an electronic device where the nicotine extract is loaded into a disposable cartridge which is housed in the cigarette. When the person switches on the vapor cigarette, the vapor gets heated through an electric heating device. This heats up the liquid in the cartridge and the liquid takes the form of a vapor. In some of the electronic cigarette, a small red color filament glows to replicate the flame of the conventional cigarette. The electronic battery can be recharged and the empty cartridge can be refilled or replaced by a fresh cartridge. The cartridges are filled with compositions of gel to give different taste so that the user can change the cartridges which suit his taste.

Tobacco Cigarette Vs Water Vapor Cigarette

If you have a tobacco cigarette, you need to buy a pack containing 10 or 12 and you also have to buy a match box but it is not so in Water Vapor Cigarette. When you exhale the smoke of tobacco, the neighbor would object to smoking.  On the cost front, one cigarette it costs about 75 cents and now you calculate how much it costs on smoking per day. If you are smoking indoor, you have to have an ash tray.

Now, compare it against Water Vapor Cigarette. At the outset, this cigarette is smokeless because you do not light it at all. The liquid inside gets heated up by the click of a small button. So, you need not carry a match box or lighter. The charger makes it fit for use the next day. The cartridge lasts for two days and each cartridge costs just about $5. You can choose cartridge depending on your taste; for example you can choose the one with mint taste, or with light sweet airy taste etc. As it does not get lighted no flame is formed, it does not produce any ash and therefore ash tray is not required. It is smokeless and you have the freedom to smoke where you like and when you like; in short there is no need to find a ‘smoker’s zone’. Now you agree it is Water vapor cigarette that wins.

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