Water Vapor Cigarettes and Its Benefits

Water vapor cigarettes or electronic cigarettes or smoke-less cigarettes were introduced in the American market in 2009 offering a healthier alternative for the cigarette smokers. In fact an electronic cigarette is a lithium ion battery powering an atomizer to scatter the liquid nicotine as water vapor. It is gain popularity as a substitute to the traditional cigarettes as smokers can enjoy nicotine while getting rid from several chemicals added to the traditional cigarette.  

Water Vapor Cigarettes

Purpose of Water vapor cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes do not contains any tobacco so it can be smoked anywhere. They are healthier and safer version of the traditional tobacco rich cigarettes as they are free from any kind of carcinogens, chemicals and secondhand smoke. These electronic cigarettes operate with battery power. The filter of the cigarette get heated up by the battery. These electronic cigarettes get inhaled like the real cigarettes but they do not contain any chemicals that were found in tobacco based cigarettes. Flavors like vanilla, mint, original tobacco and wild cherry are available for filling the filters. Mostly four prime chemicals namely vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine and flavoring are contained in the electronic cigarettes. Smokers can choose the quality of nicotine as per their tobacco need. The nicotine contained in the electronic cigarettes sustains the physical need of the smokers while protecting them from other dangerous chemicals.


Benefits of Water vapor cigarettes

Water vapor cigarettes are beneficial for the health of the smoker as they are free from any kind of carcinogens and chemicals found in the tobacco cigarettes. Smokers do enjoy these cigarettes as they do not stain the teeth and do not spread any smell. Electronic cigarettes can be smoked anywhere without any restrictions. While tobacco is turned into inhalable smoke by busing combustion in the traditional cigarettes but lithium ion battery is used in the electronic cigarettes for connecting to the vapor atomizer and converting the chemicals into water vapor. The requirement of the combustible lighter are eliminated by the electronic system and does not need trays for discarding residue. The lithium ion batteries can be recharged anywhere, anytime.

Water vapor cigarettes are odorless and it does not stain the fingers and teeth. These cigarettes are gaining more popularity as the smokers have found it to be great substitute for the tobacco cigarettes. The vapor produced through these Water vapor cigarettes is similar to actual smoke without any nasty smell. Although several kinds of Electronic cigarettes are available but Water vapor cigarettes are the best and most popular. It contains different cartridge, battery pack and atomizer in each cigarette and they are disposable that they can be thrown away after the use.

Water vapor cigarettes are beneficial for the smokers to get rid from the proven source of cancer or other harmful effects. The vapor is main element responsible for the delivery of the nicotine and flavor contained in the electronic cigarette. If your Electronic cigarette is able to produce enough vapor then use the safety pin and cellophane tape for modifying the amount of vapor produced.

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