Water vapor cigarettes or e-cigarettes

Water Vapor Cigarette or more commonly known as e-cigarette is one of the recently discovered nicotine delivery methods available in the market place today. This product is one of the closest replacements of the actual cigarette. The water vapor cigarette produces smoke which in reality is the water vapor which brings nicotine to the user. The e-cigarette doesn’t need to be lighted using matchstick or a lighter. This way combustion doesn’t come


into play and therefore no health concerns due to second hand smoke. The user can have a satisfying smoking experience without inhaling any dangerous chemicals and carcinogenic agents which are in abundant quantity in the regular smoke. The water vapor cigarettes are available in a variety of filters of nicotine cartridges such as High, medium, low as well as no nicotine.

The e-cigarettes are available in different flavors of regular, cherry, menthol etc. This product being environment friendly is also known as Clean, Green alternative. This product is free of smoke and can be smoked anywhere even in public places where smoking is banned. People are using it in workplaces, bars, restaurants, airports and even shopping malls. Some of the water vapor cigarettes sold in the market today create illusion of smoke using propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is an organic compound commonly used in food coloring and flavoring as well. In terms of taste and feeling the water vapor cigarette comes quite close to the actual cigarette.

The e-cigarette satisfies the nicotine craving of its user. Moreover the tip of the e-cigarette lights in the same way as that of a regular cigarette. Some of the water vapor cigarette produces thick clouds of smoke that resembles the smoke of the regular cigarette. The smell in the water vapor from the flavored essence is not that strong. When the water vapor evaporates there is no lingering smell in the vicinity of the water vapor clouds. On the other hand the regular cigarette smoke can be noticed instantly even from quite a distance. The clothes of a regular cigarette smoker keep on giving out odor until they are washed. Since these cigarettes run on batteries obviously there is no need of lighter or ashtray. These cigarettes haven’t been approved by FDA yet. The water vapor cigarette does not contain which is a highly carcinogenic. Regular cigarette causes a large number of deaths in the world and is the number 1 preventable death cause in the United States. The smoke of the regular cigarette produced due to combustion of tobacco is known to contain about 3000 very harmful chemicals that contain carbon monoxide, tar etc. It is surprising that even though a warning is put on the regular cigarette pack but smoking still hasn’t been completely banned anywhere in the world. There are a lot of e-cigarette brands available today and are about 50% cheaper than the regular smoking cigarettes.  People who are new to the water-vapor cigarette start out be buying a starter kit which includes the e-cigarette and the refill cartridges.

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